Place Your Order

Order online or by phone, and our trained ninja staff will process your order using only the latest, cutting edge, high-security technologies.

Step 1

Fast, Fresh, Deadly

Your order is instantly transmitted to our trained team of highly skilled chefs, who prepare every order from scratch on the latest high tech kitchen devices.

Step 2

Delivery Team En Route

A delivery team is dispatched to your location using whatever means is necessary (car, helicopter, or otherwise). Please note that customers are responsible for reimbursing Ninja Burger for any traffic fines incurred during a delivery.

Step 3

Ninja Infiltration

Our trained ninja deliverators will make sure your order arrives at its designated location without anyone noticing--including you!

Step 4

Payment Collected

We only charge you if we successfully complete your delivery. If we don't deliver, you don't pay. But, if we deliver, and you don't pay, then YOU WILL PAY.

Step 5