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    Ninja Burger is not real. Probably goes without saying but you never know these days. Ninja Burger is satire. You cannot order food or apply for a job. The games, shirts, etc. are real though.

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    Please don't be a jerk.

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    Please don't use any of our original images or art (they're copyrighted), and don't use the name "Ninja Burger" (it's trademarked, and is a registered trademark when it comes to games), unless you ask us and we agree to whatever it is you want to do. Specifically please don't use our stuff to try and make your own products.

    We occasionally use heavily and obviously "Photoshopped" images for satirical purposes. We think this falls appropriately under fair use in terms of satire, but if you see something that's yours and you disagree, we will always remove it if asked.

    We occasionally also repurpose content that users send us (e.g., photographs). You agree that by sending the content to us, we might use it in this way, with no further obligation to you. However, the same rule applies as above: if you don't want us to use it, just let us know, and we'll remove it.

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    We might use cookies some day, but we don't right now. If we ever do we'll update this.

    This website uses the Internet so we collect your IP address. That's how the Internet works.

    Some of our Forms collect your email address. If we use it at all, it'll just be to eventually maybe send you an email about Ninja Burger. We don't have a mailing list, we don't spam people, and we don't share anything with anyone. We fully expect most people will enter a fake email address anyway. Feel free.

    Any information (including email) that you share with us voluntarily will maybe be stored in a spreadsheet automatically but we won't sell it or share it with anyone else unless we're legally required to.