About Ninja Burger

  • About Our Company

    Ninja Burger was founded in 1954, and soon became the world's predominant undergound ninja-run fast food delivery service. We would be happy to tell you more about the company, but since we're ninja, we would then have to kill you.

    Ninja Burger's customer list is quite impressive, although since we respect the privacy of our clientele we cannot release any names. However, we can say that our customers include many powerful, respected, influential and important people. No questions asked.

    Ninja Burger is looking forward to doing business with its one-hundred-billionth customer in the very near future (of course, Ninja Burger cannot prove this number, but are you going to argue with us?) Maybe it could be you! Whether you are a customer or a future employee, we welcome you to the world of Ninja Burger, and hope you enjoy your visit!

  • About Our Website

    The Ninja Burger website was originally developed in 1999 by the honorable Kenshiro Aette-san and Miyoko Aenomi-san in the traditions of their honorable ancestors. Their solemn mission: to defend the downtrodden, fight for the honor of Ninja Burger, and to deliver hot and fresh food to Ninja Burger's customers. Somewhere along the line it all went horribly wrong.

    The Ninja Burger website is being revamped as of 2017 to bring it current with web standards from approximately 2010. One of these days we'll catch up. We're ninja, not web designers.

    For more information about Ninja Burger's history, check out our Wikipedia article.