Ninja Burger Handbook

Welcome to the world of Ninja Burger. As a new employee, you are entitled to a host of benefits. Free uniforms, free meals, free health care (expect to use that a lot). However, you do not get a free handbook. That's why we're providing you with this Honorable Employee Handbook, your guide to the ins, outs, ups and downs of Ninja Burger.

You'll learn to Cook, Clean, Drive, Fight and above all else what it takes to be a Ninja. While this makes the perfect supplement to your Ninja Burger RPG or Card Game, this is not an RPG product. It's a real guide to the real inner workings of Ninja Burger.

While the print version of the Ninja Burger Handbook (published by Kensington/Citadel) is out of print, the e-book version is still available.

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Ask a Ninja Handbook

Check out the brand new Ask a Ninja Ninja Handbook from our good ninja friends over at Ask a Ninja, specially designed for all you nonjas and non-Ninja Burger ninja who want to be more ninja.

Most non-ninjas who handle these delicate, deadly pages will die–probably in an elaborately horrific and painful manner. But whether your journey lasts five seconds or five days or (rather inconceivably) five years, all those who bravely take up this text and follow the tenets and trials laid out within will die knowing they were as ninja as they possibly could've been.

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