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Ninja Burger®: The RPG


Ninja Burger: The RPG 2nd Edition - $20.00 Print, $10.00 PDF

Ninja Burger, the world's only fast-food chain run by ninja, is looking for new recruits. Do you have what it takes to work for them? Pirates need not apply! The second edition of the award-winning Ninja Burger RPG has been completely revamped and rewritten, with an all-new game engine and all new ninja content.

  • Over 100 pages of funny, fast-paced action, ideal for both one-shot "Beer & Pretzels" gaming as well as longer campaigns
  • The PDQ system, a game engine designed for evocative simplicity, speed and flexibility in play, as seen in the award-winning Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot and Truth & Justice (PDQ System Design by Chad Underkoffler, Atomic Sock Monkey Press)
  • Fully-customizable character creation, with five suggested jobs for quick-play action. Be a Ninja Driver, Chef, Deliverator, or even a master of Ninja Magic!
  • San Francisco - A complete city setting for all your Ninja Burger adventures
  • An 8-page starting adventure, plus four 2-page mini-deliveries

Ninja Burger: The RPG No Honor Edition - $5.00 Print or PDF

This No Honor Edition of the Ninja Burger RPG uses the same rules as the 2nd Edition Ninja Burger RPG, but strips away some of the surface matter to get the game back to its original Beer & Pretzels Roots (or is that Sake and Pocky?) The big difference? No Honor, of course! Who needs to worry about honor and "levels" when you expect to die on your first delivery? If you survive, you get Survival Points. But you probably won't survive.

Like its big brother, this edition features the rules-light PDQ (Prose Descriptive Qualities) system, the same system used by Truth & Justice, Zorcerer of Zo, Dead Inside and other such games produced by Atomic Sock Monkey Press.

You will purchase this book or you will DIE!


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Take the Ninja Burger RPG occupation quiz to see where you fit in.

About PDQ:

The PDQ System has been designed for evocative simplicity, speed, and flexibility in play.

The PDQ System is used under license from Chad Underkoffler; the materials within the Ninja Burger RPG are not necessarily endorsed in any way by Chad Underkoffler, nor is he in any way responsible for the content of these materials unless specifically credited. (c) 2008 Chad Underkoffler. All Rights Reserved.

PDQ System Design by Chad Underkoffler, Atomic Sock Monkey Press

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