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How We Do It

When you place your order, our trained ninja delivery team springs into action, ensuring that no matter where you are, you'll get your order, hot and tasty, in 30 minutes or less. Guaranteed, or we commit seppuku.

To ensure your safety during the delivery process, please do not make any sudden movements. You may also wish to leave the doors and/or windows unlocked to make our delivery easier. Also, be advised that any large dogs or cats may need to be temporarily incapacitated by Ninja Knock-Out Powder to protect our ninja team during the insertion phase. Please, do not tip the ninja.

The photos here have captured some of our ninja deliverypersons in the middle of the action. Every one of them made a successful delivery. Unfortunately, if they were truly worthy ninja, they would not have showed up on the cameras at all. They were weak. Realizing their failure, these ninja all committed seppuku shortly afterwards.
- Family of Four, Priority 5
- Rural Home, Priority 5
- Office Building, Priority 4
- Suburban Home, Priority 3
- Family of Five, Priority 3
- Skyscraper, Priority 2

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