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Ninja Burger Online Ordering

Ordering online from Ninja Burger is simple! We already know where you are, so there's no need to enter an address. We can deliver anywhere, so unlocking doors or deactivating security systems is not necessary. And we make payment simple and secure.

In fact, you can order food below. Just enter an email address, and we will deliver hot, tasty Ninja Burger food within 30 minutes. You may remain anonymous if you wish, or you may identify yourself by name.

Note that when ordering you should only change 0's to positive numbers if you plan to order that item. Entering blank spaces, non-numeric characters or other such things will cause the ordering process to fail. This will result in you being mocked.

Item Selection:

Item Price 1 Quantity
Ninja Burger 3.50
Double Ninja Burger 5.50
Junior Ninja Burger 2.00
Samurai Chicken Sandwich 3.50
French Fries of Our Ancestors 2.50
Onion Death Blossom 5.50
Large Cola 2 1.50
Ninja Combo Meal #1 7.00
Ninja Combo Meal #2 9.00
Ninja Little Human Meal 4.00
Ninja Birthday Special 11.00/child
Small Cola (child only!) .75
Wasabi 3 0.50 Yes

Delivery Information:

Victim Recipient
Email 4:
Other Info:

Your Credit Information 5
Card #: xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
Expiration: xx xx

1. Additional delivery charges may apply.
2. No, there is no other soft drink selection. Cola is good enough for Ninja, and thus is probably too good for you. You will drink cola or you will DIE!!
3. To not order wasabi would be to insult our honor.
4. Ninja Burger respects your need for stealth and secrecy. We do not collect email addresses for, or share them with, anyone other than ourselves.
5. Your order will automatically be charged to your credit card. Do NOT enter your credit card number. We already know what it is.

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