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Ninja Burger's Ninja Ring has discount Martial Arts Supplies, Weapons, and Sparring Gear!





Ninja Guild. Andre's Ninja Collaborations, Self Defence with a Difference.
Ninjalistics Inc: Your top-quality provider of corporate espionage and assassination services. Ninja news, webcomics, free forms and certificates, and more, for ninja who mean business.
True ninjas were once again in attendance at Ropecon ( To share the fun and black, hot and sweaty summer days with you, their gallery has been updated with new photos.
Humorous movie reviews from the point of view of The Ninja Master. Recently created but building quickly, with a great deal more ahead of them.
Ninjas Vs. Pirates. When the most archetypal enemies in the universe clash for the ultimate battle, lives and love are on the line. This could be the most epic and important film of this century. Directed by Micah Moore.
While technically not about ninja, this book is about getting into places other people don't want you to go, and it's written by someone named Ninjalicious. The first 100 pages or so read like a guide to Ninja Burger. Really. Buy it.
To reach the pinnacle of human achievement, we tear down the barriers in the minds of our disciples until only The Way remains. Also they make videos.
The long awaited, often scoffed-at, fat-free, cruelty-free website of the Taco Ninja. They really deliver tacos. Really.
The White Tiger Ninja Dojo. Modern Ninjutsu for the complete warrior.
Introducing the Tanjun Ryu, a super-secret ninja organization. Their goal is to promote a healthy ninja lifestyle.
The internet home of the Columbus Ninjutsu Club (CNC), the premier central Ohio source for self-defense and combat martial arts.
All about Japunks. Comes with a gummy candy, 2 indie music publications, a Karaterice pin, and a keychain. Ok, it doesn't really. But check it out.
Gaiden Play Ninja Gaiden and other ninja games at
Ninja Check out the Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot RPG from Atomic Sock Monkey.
eyes.jpg The dating site for ninjas. Isn't it about time?
Last Ninja was the most successful original game ever on the Commodore C64. And now there's a website devoted to it.
Documentary filmmaker Stephen Larnell travels to Dillan, Nebraska to investigate the spreading phenomenon of night school ninja classes.
Enter the Ninja is one of the most comprehensive ninja resource sites on the Internet (far more useful than this measly site). Check 'em out.
Got Pocky? Japanese Snacks does, as well as a wide assortment of other Japanese goodies guaranteed to keep your ninja ready to slay their enemies all night long.
RTMSpatchlogohome.gif Rick Tews of and some of his students have put together a video, demonstrating a Ninja Burger delivery in action.
nin-red-128.gif The Horde of Ninjas, taking over Rochester one ninja at a time, are trying to convert more members to the horde and the way of ninja.
THE FANTASTIC FEARLESS NINJA A-OK!!!! SITE, courtesy of Igor from Driven By Boredom. Go ninja, go ninja, go.
Vampires, samurai, ninja... what more could you ask from a film? Check out this preview from the forthcoming movie Shira: The Vampire Samurai.
The Urban Ninjas, a ninja clan that is based on modern day principles, has announced that Ninja Burger will be their official resturant.
I am going to prove that Ninja aren't cool. They belong in prison. Ninja action is so evil that it should be illegal!
Ninja Garden. No, not Ninja Gaiden. Ninja Garden. Aimed at fans of THE TICK and HERO HAPPY HOUR, NINJA GARDEN explores the workaday world of the heroes employed within its walls.
The site says it best: "Hi, this site is all about ninjas, REAL NINJAS. This site is awesome. My name is Robert and I can't stop thinking about ninjas. These guys are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet."
The Silent Warriors of BODOKI RYU NINJITSU is an international group of martial artists dedicated to the study and preservation of ninjitsu techniques and the ways of the KOKA-RYU ninja of shiga.
This site is about straight up ninjas so if that ain't your bag then get ta steppin before you lose your head. If you enjoy ninja antics however then this is the place for you.
English based Ninja wishing to report successful opening of new NinjaBurger franchise.... McNinja! We provide the same high quality food at low low prices just as stealthily as our counterparts across the ocean... except we operate in UK!.... by the golden nunchaku of McNinja! you look now!
Making the Mall Safer for Everyone except Neo-Nazis, Terrorists, Punks, and Napkin Thieves.
The all powerful all awesome NINJA DAN can be spotted at and robotstampede. If you ask me, you should link to both pages. GO NINJA DAN GO!
Hello ninja brothers, I'm JKRDOOM from the Shirt Ninjas on msn communities. We've got a new site that we'd like to include on your ninja ring. Stop by and check us out at the shirt ninjas.
We are a group of Ninja who are ready to perform any task you require. Although incomplete, this page is your one stop resource for hiring ninja. Our ninjas are specialists in almost any situation. Plus, they're Canadian.
Hello. My name is Ninjawreck, and I'm a ninja. With that, Ninja Burger was introduced to the Ninjawreck website, featuring ninja, burgers, pirates and a whole bunch of ninja-riffic fun. Check it out.
Happy Ninja Magic Action Compatriot is your own interactive web-companion! Directing his day-to-day activities can supply you with decades of mild relaxation! What does Happy Ninja Magic Action Compatriot mean to you? headquarters was recently attacked by a horde of 5 mini-ninja! I wouldn't have believed it if one of the many security cameras in my apartment didn't capture it all on film!
Ninja visit Graceland... "pictures of the journey our ninja took from Indiana to New Orleans (through Memphis) and back. I invite you and your ninja to view them at your leisure."
From the site: "This is the true page of true ninjas. we practise the art of Ninjutsu with honour and we flip-out better, wail better, and generally are sweeter than any other ninja's out there!!!"
This is a pretty cool little rubber ninja page, containing everything you'd ever possibly want to know about everyone's favorite little rubber ninja toys, and a bunch of things you probably didn't want to know.
Evil Super-Hard Nihilistic Elite Ninja. The goal: To make a ninja site that is not crap. A site that houses information and fact, but is not dry. And to spread the influence of the ESHNEN clan.
This Ninja Burger franchisee is the website that Wendy's can't kill. Founded by Dave Thomas, it will teach you the way of the Wendy's Ninja so that you, too, can help them conquer the fast-food world.
Ninja Dispatch is your opportunity to send hordes of ninja fodder to dispatch your enemies. They even keep score.
The mysterious red ninja has been sighted all over. Keep checking back here for the latest photographic evidence. Of course, if he were a real ninja, you couldn't see him.
From the mountains of Iga, Japan to the streets of Portland, Oregon the ninja of the Kuroryukai-the Black Dragon Society-pursue a renegade agent who has stolen their sacred bone-cracking scroll. Determined to use the esoteric knowledge to help his fellow man the agent defies the will of his former masters and walks the line between life and death. This man is Dr. Hanzo Hattori...Ninja Chiropractor!
Ninja 4 Hire is one of the original members of the Ninja Ring. This ninja filmographer offers a unique variety of services. were added to the Ninja Ring when they clued us into a verity of Little Rubber Ninja toys (one of which is pictured here). is a great source for general information about martial arts and Japanese culture.
Brass Mikey, the website, requested that they be added to the ninja ring. The site is not entirely devoted to ninjutsu, but there are several references to the Shadow Warriors within so they qualify.

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