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Ninja Burger Gear

There's no better way to show you work for Ninja Burger than with Ninja Burger gear. Our shirts, aprons, games and other ninja gear make excellent gifts for that special someone in your life when you just want to say "You know, I was thinking of you, and bloodthirsty ninja came to mind."

Through our association with Steve Jackson Games, Warehouse 23, and CafePress, we are happy to bring you this assortment of products. Please see those individual websites for shipping, payment and other information regarding orders. Domo arigato!

For posters, stickers, the Ninja Burger RPG and the Ninja Burger Card Game, visit our Warehouse 23 Store page.

For the Ninja Burger Handbook, visit

ninja burger shirt ninja burger shirt

For T-shirts, aprons, caps and more, visit our CafePress Store page.


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