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In 1582, the brutal samurai warlord Oda Nobunaga was assassinated by a ninja, bringing to an end his bloody reign. In the chaos that followed, a samurai named Ieyasu Tokugawa allied himself with the Hattori ninja clan and seized control.

Whether you're celebrating a bloody coup or just another birthday, there's nothing like a party with a ninja! What child doesn't want to be a ninja? After all, it's fun to play with pretend swords, practice pretend ninja moves, sneak around your backyard, and to mercilessly slay your enemies.

Now Ninja Burger has special items just for children. And we mean it! If you are not a child (ie. under 12 years old) and you order from kids menu then you will DIE!!!

1. Ninja Little Human Meal Just for kids. Small human-sized Ninja Burger, small order of French Fries of Our Ancestors, small Cola, and a free surprise. No wasabi sauce.
$4.00 (¥490)
2. Ninja Birthday Special Party with a ninja! Price includes one Little Human Meal per child, party favors, a Samurai-shaped pinata, games like Pin the Shuriken on the Donkey, and Soy-flavored birthday cake.
$11.00/child (¥1348)
3. Small Cola A small cola. Just like large cola but small for little humans. Adults no buy small cola.
$.75 (¥92)

Each Ninja Little Human Meal now includes a free shuriken!
You WILL collect all six! Or you will die!

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