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Ninja Burger Haiku By You

A whisper of leaves
Ninja Burger delivers
I will eat tonight

- Nanookanano 
                                   stomach growling deep
                                   burning like intense wildfire
                                   must quell the hunger
                                   dialing nearby phone
                                   calling Ninja Burger now
                                   using toll-free call
                                   one Ninja Burger
                                   French Fries of Our Ancestors
                                   single Large Cola
                                   the cover of night
                                   silent padded footsteps fall
                                   lone ninja arrives
                                   pay ninja in yen
                                   never tip waiting ninja
                                   exact change only
                                   food most eloquent
                                   service, stealthy efficient
                                   Taste the Difference
                                   - Mysterice
the window opens
a sack silently appears
and burgers are served

those tasty burgers
with the most speedy service
hail ninja burger

the silent ninja
faster than a shuriken
delivers the lunch

upholding honor
while delivering burgers
is the ninja code

- Heidi
                                   In the style of Poem-Fu:
                                   Delivering their burgers
                                   In the black of night
                                   Ninja and Samurai
                                   On my roof did fight
                                   Blow by blow
                                   With sweat in their eyes
                                   They battled honorably
                                   To deliver my fries
                                   Stealthly the Ninja
                                   Defeated his foe
                                   Without ever losing
                                   One single toe
                                   How he got in
                                   Well, I never knew
                                   But there on my table
                                   Was combo #2
                                   And as I finished
                                   The very last fry
                                   I was glad I hadn't ordered
                                   From that Samurai
                                   - Coestar
Ninja on the phone
Honored to take order now
Then silently go

Why must we give out
French Fries of our Ancestors
Wouldn't they want them?

Ninja like a cat,
Even without cola lid,
Never spills a drop

Flip the burger high
Got to love the ninja style
And the kung-fu grip

The silent drop-off
The food sits and sits because
No one knows it's there.

- B. Roccia
                                   Walking through alley
                                   Was that a noise i just heard
                                   Sadly yes it was
                                   Must be new at job
                                   Should not have been caught at all
                                   Now i think he pays
                                   Swiftly i reach out
                                   His honor already gone
                                   Now his life follows
                                   Wipe off dirty hands
                                   Blood of honorless on me
                                   Sickend by his filth
                                   I will take order
                                   Deliver swift like the wind
                                   No one shall see me
                                   Food is now in place
                                   Restaurants honor returned
                                   Now we all may rest
                                   - Haruyasu Maruyama-san
Gut makes weird noises
Cant recall last time I ate
Must get food for me

I pick up the phone
I pick up the fat phone book
find deliveries....

I cannot decide
whether burgers or pizza
I guess i'll call both!

I'll let my fierce guards
decide which one is the best!

will order pizza
I call and place my order
"small, sausage and cheese"

Now to the burgers
Ninja Burger? ahh why not?
"combo number two!"

"We will deliver
in thirty minutes or else"
then he just hung up

I hang up the phone
Then I pick it up again
must alert the guards

"Guards, keep an eye out
for a deadly assasin
or a pizza boy"

half an hour passed
not a sound is heard outside
I will take a look

I see my guards dead
what on earth is going on?
who killed all my men?

I see pizza boy
just standing in the doorstep
my god he killed them!

but then he fell down
a katana on his back
what was that noise? HEY!

"Konichiwa, sir
Ninja Burger Combo Meal
number 2 of course"

"thanks how much is it?"
I felt a breeze, then he said
"nine dollars plus tip"

I pay him ten bucks
"thank you young man! how did you...?"
he dropped a smoke bomb.

thanks, Ninja Burger
For delivery well done
yummy burgers too!!

- Freak A. 210d
                                   "The Last Meal"
                                   In shame I kneel down.
                                   I thrust my wakazashi.
                                   My fries were yummy.
                                   "Failed Bridge Assassination"
                                   I flip through the air,
                                   Slashing down at my target,
                                   He moved...I can't swim.
                                   "Ninja High School Reunion"
                                   I say to old flame,
                                   "So, you still killing people?"
                                   Hidden knife hurt lots.
                                   "Stingy Customer"
                                   Delivery prompt.
                                   Customer drops like skinned cat.
                                   He gave crappy tip.
                                   - Aaron Ploetz
the almighty cow
the silent killing ninja
the burger is served

- craig
                                   I rage like Fuji
                                   Instant Ninja McNuggets
                                   His honor is mine.
                                   Sound like sudden rain
                                   Shuriken darken the sky
                                   Meat-ribbons abound.
                                   A Manga nightmare
                                   My skin crawls cold with death screams
                                   But when do I eat?
                                   - Matakishi Yamada-san
I am a ninja
I work at ninja burger
I must deliver
For it is my job
I must get food to your house
I must not be seen
Stealth I must use
For Samurai are looking
For the secret sauce
Honor is at stake
For if I fail I will die
Ancestors guide me

- Mr.Boo   

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