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Ninja Burger Icons & Wallpaper

Because you requested it, we're now presenting an assortment of Ninja Burger icons and wallpaper for use on your computer. If you've made any of your own and you'd like to share them with the world, please feel free to email them to us, and we'll be sure to give you credit for them.

The icons and wallpaper images below come in various sizes - just click on the link that sounds like what you're looking for, save it to your hard drive, and you're all set (on a Mac, click and hold, then select "Save As." On a Windows machine, right-click and do the same thing.)

Macintosh Backgrounds - Control-Click on your desktop and select "Change Desktop Background." This will open the Apperance Control Panel, at which point you can locate the image on your Hard Drive and set your desktop. For best results, select "Center on Screen." Alternately, you can just clickity-drag the image into the Appearance window and it'll change.

Windows Backgrounds - Right-Click on your desktop and select "Properties." This will open the Desktop Proprties Control Panel. Select the "Background" tab, and then click "Browse..." to locate the image on your Hard Drive. Once you've located the image, make sure "Display" is set to "Center", and click "Apply." You may be prompted to turn on "Active Desktop"; do so, and it will change.

Macintosh Icons (gif) - Open the icon in your favorite Graphics program (or even SimpleText if you lack the former), do a Select All (Command-A) and Copy it (Command-C). Then find the Application or Document icon you want to change, select it and do a "Get Info" (Command-I). Select the small icon in the upper left of the Get Info window and paste in the new icon (Command-V). Close the window and you're all set. Repeat as often as you like.

Windows Icons (bmp) - Windows is icky in that you can't easily change actual Application and Document icons. You can, however, change Shortcut icons. First, right-click on the icon you want to change, and select "Create Shortcut." Then right-click on the new shortcut icon and select "Properties." Under Properties, select the "Shortcut" tab and click on "Change Icon...." Then Click "Browse" to find the icon on your Hard Drive. You may have to select the option to view all files before the image will be visible to you. Select it, click OK, and voila! Be sure you're using the .BMP images below, not the .GIF images.

Unix Users - You're smart. Figure it out.

B-on-w star icon, 32x32 (gif)
B-on-w star icon, 32x32 (bmp)
B-on-w star icon, 64x64

W-on-b star icon, 32x32 (gif)
W-on-b star icon, 32x32 (bmp)
W-on-b star icon, 64x64

B-on-w ninja icon, 32x32 (gif)
B-on-w ninja icon, 32x32 (bmp)
B-on-w ninja icon, 64x64

W-on-b ninja icon, 32x32 (gif)
W-on-b ninja icon, 32x32 (bmp)
W-on-b ninja icon, 64x64

B-on-w tile, 800x600
B-on-w tile, 1024x768

W-on-w ninja, 800x600
W-on-w ninja, 1025x768

B-on-b ninja, 800x600
B-on-b ninja, 1024x768

W-on-b ninja, 800x600
W-on-b ninja, 1024x768

B-on-w ninja, 800x600
B-on-w ninja, 1024x768

By "Dragonmaster Lou"
Seppuku ninja, 800x600
Seppuku ninja, 1024x768

By "The Smiling Bandit"
Lotsa ninjas, 800x600
Lotsa ninjas, 1024x768

By "Poptarded"
Beasts, 800x600

By Reggie Provine
Seppuku ninja 2, 800x600

By Richard Nelson
Orange Burst, 1024x768

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