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Ninja Burger Employment

Becoming a ninja is not easy. It can take a lifetime to become a master ninja, decades to become merely competent, and years to become even a mere initiate. But in the Ninja Burger Kitchen Aptitude Training Academy (KATA), you too can be a ninja in just 30 days. Failure is impossible, because all who fail are forced to commit Seppuku, lest they dishonor themselves or their ancestors.

You will succeed, or you will die!

Employees who remain loyal to Ninja Burger are treated with honor and respect. The company offers a cafeteria-style health plan, 401K (with matching up to 4%), stock options, regular raises every 6 months and a complete employee uniform package, including black outfit and face mask, tabi boots, and a standard equipment package (pictured below).

Every Ninja Burger employee is fully trained in the 20 secret 'Ninja Juhakkei':

  1. Taijutsu - Unarmed Combat
  2. Kendo / Ninja Ken - Swordsmanship
  3. Bojutsu - Staff fighting
  4. Shurikenjutsu - Blade throwing
  5. Kusarigama - Sickle and chain weapon
  6. Yari - Spear fighting
  7. Naginata - Halberd fighting
  8. Bajutsu - Horsemanship
  9. Suiren - Swimming techniques
  10. Kayakujutsu - Use of gunpowder
  11. Bo Ryaku - Strategies
  12. Choho - Espionage
  13. Shinobi Iri - Infiltration
  14. Intonjutsu - Lying low
  15. Hensojutsu - Disguise
  16. Tenmon - Meteorology
  17. Chimon - Geography
  18. Seishin Teki Kyoyo - Spiritual refinement
  19. Kyojitsu Tenkan Ho - Philosophy
  20. Makudonarudo - Fast food

You would just love to get your hands on one of those weapons, wouldn't you? We would be just as happy to place it in your hands so you can honorably uphold the traditions of Ninja Burger by delivering hot and tasty food to our customers, and slaughtering our enemies.

So do not wait any longer -- use one of the links to apply right now. No other fast food chain has Dim-Mak Death Touch!

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