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Ninja Burger Visits Otakon 2002

The fools running Otakon 2002 were weak, and allowed our two covert ninja from No:Gag:Reflex!, Fat Man and Little Boy, to infiltrate their convention once again. And once again, they scored with all the chicks. Turns out all it takes is a Kiss the Ninja apron. Click the links to see more photos from the Con.
- Chicks Dig Ninja
- Splat!
- Is That a Sword in Your Pocket...?
- More Otakon Photos (new window)...

Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 07:14:54 -0400
From: Joel Benge [******]
Subject: Otakon was a complete success!

I'm going to be brief since I'm writing this in the morning. But I wanted to
let you guys know that Otakon was a complete success again this year.  I
haven't seen the official headcount.  But last year there were over ten
thousand attendees.  This year, I'd estimate around twelve or so.  So we got
you guys some pretty hefty exposure.  I'd be interested to know what your
site traffic does over the next few weeks.

The room party went as smoothly as a freshly shaved head.  *winks*  Over the
course of the party, I'd say we got 20 or so invited guests and another 20
"crashers."  All went well and there were no incidents at all.  The next
day, the convention was abuzz with stories of our party.  I get such a
tickle when I walk by a group of people to hear them going on about the
"secret invite-only ninja party" and how they've GOT to get a pass next

We handed out all the promos and materials.  And even focused in on the
baldies in the crowd for the Headblade stuff.  Everyone seemed to want a
piece of us this year.

Well, I have to jet.  Perhaps I'll have a chance to post a more in-depth
account on the website.  But for now, here's where the pics are.

Cheers!  And thanks again for your trust and belief in us!

Joel Benge
"Making the world easier to swallow."

Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 12:08:42 -0400
From: Ali Baba of the 7th Brigade [bell@*******.com]
Subject: Otakon photo

First of all, congratulations on your triumph over Samurai Burger!

I got a photo of two of your intrepid ninjas at Otakon 2k2.  I was most 
impressed with their skill at cooking over live volcanoes and the 
desiccated corpses of unworthy cosplayers.  Photo can be found here:    It's terrible 
quality, but this ninja only had a disposable camera to work with.

Spatula-fu forever,

Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 22:45:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: Matt B [*********]
Subject: Ninja Burger Complaint

I was at Otakon 2002, and I ran into one of your employees there. I demand
this sad excuse for a ninja commit seppuku immediatly. Not only was I able
to take his picture, but he failed to kill me and retrieve the camera not
once, but twice (once right after I took the picture and later in the
vendors room). I do not think anyone wishes for their food to be delivered
by 5th rate ninja like this one. I eagerly await a reply and his head on my
doorstep, I'm sure you know where to deliver it to.

Kamino Yuu (I'm not giving you my real name of course)

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