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BURLINGAME, Calif., Sep 20, 2002 -- aethereal FORGE and Steve Jackson Games
humbly announce the upcoming release of the unworthy Ninja Burger Card Game.

Based on the glorious Ninja Burger web site created by the honorable
aethereal FORGE, the card game will be designed by Steve Jackson (who is
already making a nuisance of himself around the office with Ninja jokes). He
modestly hopes to repeat the amazing success of Munchkin and Star Munchkin.
He further hopes to have you your burgers and fries in 30 minutes, WHEREVER
you are, as he does not consider himself worthy of seppuku and would type
even less skilfully without his full complement of fingers.           
The Ninja Burger Card Game is tentatively set for a Spring 2003 release.

About Steve Jackson Games
Steve Jackson Games was founded in 1980 by (no surprise here) Steve Jackson.
Their best-known games include INWO, the trading card game of world
domination; GURPS, the "Generic Universal RolePlaying System"; the original
Illuminati game on which INWO was based; TOON, the cartoon roleplaying game;
Car Wars, about battle on the highways; and OGRE, the classic simulation of
future war.

About aethereal FORGE
aethereal FORGE is a creative services company specializing in online (ie.
web-based) content creation and conceptual design. Aside from continued
support for the Ninja Burger concept, the company is also finalizing work on
their new POW! Engine and the first supplement for that game, Power Grrrl.
For more information, visit

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"Ninja Burger", "POW!" and "Power Grrrl" are trademarks of aethereal FORGE.