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SAN MATEO, Calif., June 26, 2001 -- After six months of development,
aethereal FORGE and 9th Level Games are happy to announce the full
release of Ninja Burger: The Role-Playing Game.

"Ninja Burger: The Role-Playing Game comes in a handy ninja pocket-sized
8.5" by 5.25" format, featuring ancestral clans, ninja magic, ninja weapons,
the ninja unspeakable disgrace chart, plenty of ninja enemies and even a
sample adventure, 'Delivery to Fodtekken,'" said Michael Fiegel of aethereal
FORGE. "It's got everything you need to get started playing in under 5
minutes, aside from a few dice, a few friends, and your choice of

The Ninja Burger game is based upon 9th Level Games' newly revamped
game engine, the second such release to use the newly dubbed "Beer Engine."
The first such release is featured in the guise of a free game, available
inside issues of the Dork Tower #12 comic book (more information online at An earlier version of the engine was
used with great success in the first 9th Level Games publication, the
acclaimed "Kobolds Ate My Baby!", which cracked the top 25 in US sales of
role-playing games in September of 1999. 

"We'll be running a demo of the game at Origins," said Christopher O'Neill
of 9th Level Games. "It'll be July 6 & 7 from 2-4pm, and July 8 from 4-6pm.
It's a great opportunity to meet 9th Level Games, playtest the new Ninja
Burger RPG and pick up some Ninja Burger gear."

The two companies will share resources in continuing development and
marketing of the game, based on the popular Ninja Burger concept and website
( Ninja Burger, a satiric look at a fictional fast food
delivery service run entirely by ninjas, was launched last July, and since
then has gained a large cult following and widespread acclaim. Thousands of
visitors have checked out the site's ninja menu, placed orders for their
friends, and filled out job applications; although it purports to be, none
of it is actually real, and that, of course, is the true appeal.
The "Ninja Burger RPG" is available online at 

About 9th Level Games
9th Level Games is a game design company based in Pennsylvania, renowned
within the industry for satiric RPGs including the critically-acclaimed
"Kobolds Ate My Baby!" and "Evil Rules!". Aside from their work on the Ninja
Burger concept, they are planning for a Q3 2001 release of "Kobolds 3rd
Edition." For more information, visit

About aethereal FORGE
aethereal FORGE is a creative services company specializing in online
(ie. web-based) content creation and conceptual design. In support of the
Ninja Burger RPG, aethereal FORGE will be adding an online game to the Ninja
Burger site soon, and is currently soliciting offers from filmographers
interested in working on a Ninja Burger commercial. The company is also
continuing work on the Iconoclast RPG ( and the DK RPG
( For more information, visit

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"Ninja Burger", "Iconoclast" and "DK" are trademarks of aethereal FORGE.  

"Kobolds Ate My Baby", "Evil Rules!", and "Beer Engine" are trademarks of
9th Level Games.

"Dork Tower" is copyright 1998 John Kovalic.