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Ninja Burger: Little Rubber Ninja

The winner of the "Write a LRN Script" contest is Shane "The Great Cthulhu" Woodis, whose script concept was more accurate than he probably realized. He wins a copy of the Ninja Burger Role-Playing Game, or $5 off a T-shirt (his choice). But what does the script really mean? It means just what it says -- that this contest didn't work like I had originally planned it to.

What actually happened was it worked out better than I had hoped, as I got not just scripts, but whole new concepts. Starting next week, and in the weeks to come, the Ninja Burger comic section will be bringing you an assortment of new comic strips all about ninja and burgers.

Our first new strip will be WHEELCHAIRNINJA!, by joshua by'gosh, described by its creator as "the most popular comic strip at the largest college newspaper in the free world." For a sneak preview of this new strip, click here.


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